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At Klippa we are passionate about creating the best software to automate boring administrative tasks. This helps our clients around the world to save time and prevent fraud. Our passion results in rapid growth and lots of adventures! Founded in 2015, Klippa’s goal is to digitize & automate administrative processes with modern technologies. We help companies enhance the effectiveness of their organization by using machine learning and OCR. Since 2015, more than a thousand happy clients have used Klippa’s software solutions. Klippa currently has an international team of 80+ people, with offices in Groningen, Amsterdam, Hamburg, and Brasov.


It is our mission to use the very best technology to relieve you from having to do tedious administrative tasks. We make work more enjoyable, we prevent errors and fraud, we reduce costs and we enable you to focus on your core business.

Klippa is carbon neutral

“Respect for people and planet” – one of our core values! At Klippa, we want to help make our world sustainable. This already starts with our products. Because they save significantly more paper, which means that fewer trees need to be cut down! Last year alone, we offset more than 630 tons of CO₂ and planted over 1000 trees! We do this with the help of “Trees for All”, a public benefit organization from Utrecht, Netherlands. We are proud of our achievement and will continue with this initiative in the coming years.


A job or internship at Klippa means an international learning environment, creativity, and space for your ideas. So expect a dynamic environment where growth and innovation are paramount, also when it comes to your development. At Klippa, you will discover what you like and what makes you happy, but also what you are good at and can become even better at.