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What are my possibilities?

The board of the FMF is open to six functions. These are as follows: chairman, treasurer, secretary, commissioner of external relations, commissioner of internal relations and commissioner of educational relations. The position of vice chairman is distributed to one the functions above.

To apply, get more information or have any questions? Do not hesitate to talk or send an email to your favorite board member at: bestuur@fmf.nl.

Why would I want that?

A year on the board takes up a lot of time, but you get a plenty in return. You are getting a lot of experience collaborating with others, organizing and networking. Establish contacts within the business and academic world and people from around around the country and boost your resume.

For a whole year you keep this association up and running with a tight team around you. With them you can get the most out your own creativity and realize ideas into actions! As a board member people look up to you and it is also a fun time connecting with the rest of your board members. This is your opportunity to develop some extracurricular skills! Who would not want that?

How much time does it take?

A function in the board will take about 30 hours of your week (and if you want a lot more), but there is financial compensation from the University. Moreover, you will go through a tremendous self-development when you hold a postion on the board. You will learn how to: negotiate, organize meetings, deal with different kinds of people and push through to achieve your goals.

How to apply?

At the end of the academic year we will be looking for a new board to take charge and replace the old board from the start of the next academic year. The application deadline is usually around late May. Send an email with your resume and motivation to bestuur@fmf.nl.

You can always apply, even if you still have doubts. An interview is optional and a great opportunity to inquire more information about holding a position on the board.