Committees: Parties & Borrels

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  • Alfabetfeest

    The Alfabetfeest is a themed party organized by alpha and b├Ęta study associations from Groningen. As it name implies, the theme usually revolves around a letter from the alphabet.

  • Braucie

    This is the committee responsible for brewing FMF's craft beer.

  • Escalacie

    This committee organizes a monthly 'borrel' in the center of Groningen, which is a get-together with drinks. Besides this, they also organise other social activities like beer pong or a beer mile.

  • PidT

    Prominent in de Tent is a committee that consists of members from multiple study associations from Groningen. They organize an themed annual party.

  • Kamercie aka Jonahcie

    Our kamerborrels happen due to the energetic efforts of Kamercie.