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Teacher of the Year Event

The results of the nominations for the Teacher of the Year are out! And the four nominated teachers are…
- Diederik Roest
- Maxim Pchenitchnikov
- Ronnie Hoekstra
- Tamás Görbe
Who will win the award? We will find out at the Teacher of the Year event! Organized by the Physics Programme Committee, the event will take place on the 12th of June from 15:00 - 17:00 in NB 5111.0022.

Lost & Found!

Attention all FMFers! We have just posted a comprehensive list of all the Lost and Found items that we currently have in the FMF room. Head over to fmf.nl/FAQ/lostfound to check out the list and see if your lost item has been found.

Apply for Board!

We've heard through the grapevine that some of you didn't notice the board application deadline creeping up on us, so we're going to be giving y'all another chance and extending the deadline until May 15th! Doing a board year is a wonderful, intense, amazing, hectic experience, and the new skills, memories and confidence you gain from it will stay with you long after your time at uni has ended. If you've been on the fence, take this as a bit of breathing room to really consider whether you want to take this chance and shoot your shot. If you are filled with determination and were surprised by the fact that it's somehow already May, then go ahead and send in your CV and motivation letter to board@fmf.nl!

MeiMaand is coming!!!

Next week begins the most hectic month of the FMF calendar: the MeiMaand! For the month of May, we're planning an activity (almost) every day? We're organising everything from board games, D&D and a LAN-party, interesting guest lectures and a mathematics symposium, to an Open Stage Night, a Cantus and a Gala, so there will certainly be something for everyone. And it's all capped off with our annual Barbeque, where all the students and staff are invited!

Represent our University, one gear at a time.⚙️?

Does space exploration excite you? Have you ever wondered how we can build and use technology to explore the possibilities on Mars or the Moon? Are you eager to learn about robotics in relation to astronomy?

Where Will YOU go?

Would you like to organise an unforgettable trip for your fellow FMF members? Would you like to reinstate the tradition of yearly excursions abroad?? Then we have good news for you: we have now opened the applications for the next travel committee! ?? More information can be found on travel.fmf.nl, where you can apply until April 28th!

Study Rooms

Are you in need of a quiet space to study during the exam period? We have booked rooms for you ?. Wishing you the best of luck with the upcoming exams!

Have you ended your studies? Unsubscribe correctly

Have you completed your studies? Or do you just want to cancel your subscription to FMF? Then contact the secretary at secretary@fmf.nl and indicate your full name while using the subject line "Ending membership" to initiate the process. The cancellation is finalized only when you receive a confirmation from the secretary. If you do not receive it after two weeks, then send a reminder, sometimes the email accidentally ends up in our spam folder or just gets missed.

Message from Comcie

Hello everyone! We wanted to inform you all about the new public wiki that we made. On this wiki, you should be able to find all the information that you need to set up and use the technologies of the FMF such as email, Samba, etc. We made this because we felt like the information was a bit tough to find sometimes.

Studystore discontinuation

Around two weeks ago, Studystore made an announcement regarding the discontinuation of all its operations. As a result, there is a possibility that your order may have been canceled. In this case, you will be receiving a refund. They expected to respect all their financial obligations by the beginning of the summer. You can contact them at info@studystore.nl. Meanwhile, we are actively seeking a new provider and are optimistic about having everything up and running before the commencement of block 2B.