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The FMF members' room (5111.0053) is located in the Physics and Chemistry building of the University of Groningen on the Zernike campus in Groningen, behind the cafeteria. Here you can find all the contact information.


The Zernike campus can be reached by bus from Hoofdstation Groningen with bus 11 (direction Reitdiephaven) or 15 (direction P+R Zernike), or by car. You can follow the signs with "Zernike complex" on the ring road (N370).

Open hours

The NSFW is open from Monday to Friday between 8:30 and 17:00.

During this time you will always find at least one board member in the room, happy to have a chat with you over a cup of coffee or tea.


For questions related to a specific board member, you can contact them as follows:

board@fmf.nl or bestuur@fmf.nl General questions
chair@fmf.nl Chair
secretary@fmf.nl Questions concerning the members administration
treasurer@fmf.nl Questions concerning financial matters
extern@fmf.nl Questions concerning collaboration with the FMF
intern@fmf.nl Questions concerning the committees of the FMF
education@fmf.nl Education related questions

Social Media

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All questions related to this website can be asked to the website committee or by sending an email to webcie@fmf.nl.