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Belsimpel | The Gomibo GroupĀ 

Gomibo Group is the umbrella name for the brands Belsimpel, Gomibo, Verifai, Tulip Assist, and Gomibo SaaS (Software as a Service). Together, they have one mission: to improve accessibility to the digital world for everyone. Belsimpel was established in 2006 by Jeroen Doorenbos & Jeroen Elkhuizen, who were students at the Rijksuniversiteit of Groningen at the time. The telecom market was a chaotic industry, with a focus on targets instead of the customer. Jeroen and Jeroen decided to change the mobile world by putting the customer first with a platform where you can easily find what suits you best: Belsimpel. Now, they are operating internationally in 30 European countries under the name Gomibo. By constantly wanting to improve every aspect, they continually raised the bar in the competitive market. To this day, our innovative drive has not changed. By always thinking about how something can be improved or simplified, we keep evolving and our organisation grows every day. Today, we work hard every day to provide easy access to the digital world. All the different Gomibo Group brands were also created with this goal in mind. We now have more than 700 passionate colleagues who are all eager to go that extra mile and embrace change, allowing us to make the digital world accessible to everyone. Problems are solved at the root and the best idea counts, whether it comes from someone working part-time or from someone who has been with Belsimpel for 10 years. Do you want to celebrate successes together and grow as fast as the company? Then take a quick look at From flexible to study- related part-time jobs, internships, traineeships, and challenging starter positions within virtually any field: you'll find it right in the heart of Groningen's Grote Markt.

FMF students within Belsimpel | The Gomibo Group

Depending on study, skills, and interest, FMF students regularly join us, for example as software engineer or data scientists. Our development teams develop everything themselves. From our website, to our warehouse system, to the development of our own ID verification software Verifai. Our data scientists improve and automate business processes, by doing in-depth research. Think of new methods and ways of working, for procurement and sales processes, among others, which put them at the forefront of new features and insights. The Data Driven Marketing team is fully focused on our search engine advertising, and they ensure that we get the best result from our advertising budget. Finally, the Data Driven Development team ensures that all of these efforts are converted into actual applications and features that process large amounts of data every day. Do you want to celebrate successes together in a team, and would you like to develop yourself? If so, take a look at From flexible to study-related jobs, internships, traineeships, and challenging entry-level jobs within nearly every field: you can find it directly next to the Grote Markt.