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  • PION

    Organizes Board Game Evenings, a staple FMF event!

  • Musicie

    Organizes vents for those with a passion for music.

  • Inclucie

    Organizes events that promote inclusivity and diversity

  • The A-Team

    Orgaizes social, sporty events, usually at an off-campus location

  • Introduxie

    A committee made of and for first years

  • LANcie

    This committee organizes an annual LAN-party where members can relax and game against and with each other.

  • Lecie

    Every year there is a members weekend with lots of fun, relaxation and games for all the members of the FMF.

  • Escalacie

    Organizes social events and parties

  • Pienter Camp

    The introductory camp committee organizes a camp every year for the new freshmen of the studies (Applied) Physics, Astronomy and (Applied) Mathematics.