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  • Inclucie

    This is the committee ensuring that the FMF stays the inclusive and welcoming environment that it's always been.

  • Introduxie

    The Introduxie (previously LEGAcie) consists of freshmen and organizes four activities throughout the year, for first-year students.

  • Musicie

    This is the committee that keeps alive FMF's musical spirit!

  • PION

    The PION organizes board games evenings and Dungeon and Dragons sessions throughout the year.

  • Perio

    The editors that form this committee publish a scientific magazine (Perio*diek) multiple times per year.

  • Braucie

    This is the committee responsible for brewing FMF's craft beer.

  • Craftcie

    The Craftcie organises all kinds of creative activities, but is currently inactive.

  • Merchie

    The Merchie maker sure you can get all the FMF merchandise you need.

  • Lucie

    The lustrum committee organizes the activities during the lustrum year of the FMF. This means there will be lots of special lustrum activities, parties and lectures. The next lustrum year is 2024, so this committee is not active right now.

  • Makercie

    The makercie organises a wide variety of technical crafting activities. Example of things made by the makercie are: a weather station and an LED cube. The makercie is currently not active, if you are interested, let the board know!

  • Liftcie

    The Liftcie organises hitchhiking competitions. Each year there used to be two competitions, one in Winter to a relatively close location, and a more ambitious one in Summer. Now, this committee has been incorporated in A-team, but if you have a particular interest in Liftcie, let the board know!