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March 2021

Whatsapp Werewolves Lord of the Rings Theme 3/1/21

Are you bored? Do you want to play games with people, but can’t due to the pandemic? Do you want to murder people? PION presents; Whatsapp werewolves (with a special Lord of the Rings theme)

Board Information Session 3/2/21

The members of the board will be explaining what they do on a daily basis. Come join and see if doing board is for you.

FMF pub quiz 3/4/21

Big brain time!

Take-Home Borrel with Blokes 3/5/21

Have you been missing all the fun things we did at bars? What about the fancy drinks? Of course you have. Well you can get some of both now.

Open Board Meeting 3/10/21

Do you want to see how the board works? Come and see!

[PHYS] Crazy physics '88 3/12/21

The Crazy Physics '88 is back! Now for all physics, applied physics, and astronomy students.