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February 2020

Capgemini Application Masterclass 2/17/20

Masterclass for applying for a job by Capgemini.

Body-Oriented Psychotherapy 2/21/20

You learn the cognitive theory and practice you require to get a job at university. For theory and practice on your emotions (required to hold the job) and on your essence (required to be aware of whether you like the job), you have to go to this workshop.

Borrel lecture Aegon 2/24/20

As a data scientist at Aegon no day is the same. Data scientists Pieter Ijtsma and Trudy Buwalda will try to give you a sneak peek into their working life as data scientists at Aegon. They will tell you about their experiences with determining the price of a mortgage, brainstorming for new ideas to make Aegon a company that is prepared for the future and the challenges they face while trying to implement machine learning models into the real world of a financial company that values privacy.

Representatie Kamerborrel 2/28/20

March 2020

Catch-up session: Metric & Topological Spaces 3/3/20

A quick refresher and an opportunity to ask questions for the course M&T Spaces!

Borrel Lecture Marcos Guimaraes 3/10/20

A borrel lecture by Marco Guimaraes

Catch-up session: Geometry 3/11/20

A quick refresher for what is discussed so far in the course and an opportunity to ask questions!

April 2020

Practice Session: Functional Analysis 4/2/20

Go through an old exam together and with guidance of TA's!

Practice Session: Linear Algebra 2 4/3/20

Practice for your exam together with an old exam and under guidance of TAs

May 2020

Open Stage Night 2020 5/22/20

Do you have a talent you want to show off? Do you not have a talent, but want to show off anyway? Do you want to watch your fellow FMF members being awesome? Then come to the Open Stage Night!