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December 2020

Feesten met Francken 12/4/20

This year's edition of Feesten met Francken!

[PHYS] Crazy physics '88 12/3/20

Do crazy tasks together with staff!

November 2020

Online visit research group Cold Molecules 11/27/20

Come have a look at what happens in the labs at Zernike

Online escape room 11/25/20

Join the online escape room!

Online Borrel 11/20/20

It's time for another online borrel! This time with free beer ;)

Flash games night 11/19/20

Relive your childhood!

Call of Cthulhu: Shadow over Urk 11/14/20

Welcome to 20th Century Urk, an island that will soon be connected to the mainland by a dyke, this dyke is the start of the first polder built in the Netherlands. The population keep to themselves and the weather is foul, recently 3 engineers stationed in Urk have gone missing. The foreman in charge of the dyke has asked you investigate the disappearances and put a stop to the rumours frightening his workers.

Online lecture Gerco Onderwater: Antimatter 11/11/20

Join us as dr. ir. Gerco Onderwater gives a short online lecture about antimatter. The link to join the lecture is: https://meet.google.com/ccn-cijg-fes

FMF Movie Night 11/9/20

Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Celebrating Dies Natalis 11/6/20

The FMF is turning 61 this year!