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February 2021

Dominion Tournament 2/26/21

Hear ye, hear ye, monarchs of lands far and wide: Now is the time to expand upon your kingdoms, defend your honor, and absolutely annihilate your competition in the upcoming battles! Sign up to join the Dominion tournament here

FMF Symposium 2020 - Chain Reactions 2/25/21

The symposium of this year will take place on the 25th of February, with four very exciting speakers, as well as a workshop.

Lecture CBS 2/24/21

As the national statistical office, Statistics Netherlands (CBS) provides reliable statistical information and data to produce insight into social issues, thus supporting the public debate, policy development and decision-making while contributing to prosperity, well-being and democracy.

Educacie lecture George Palasantzas 2/23/21

Join us for this month's Educacie lecture by George Palasantzas about Casimir forces!

Team Fortress 2 tournament 2/20/21

Apply your newfound skills!

Online Borrel 2/19/21


H-GMA 2/18/21

Come see how the FMF is doing, and decide on the future course of the association at the half GMA.

[DUTCH] Expedition Strategy 2/16/21

Expedition Strategy is een tweedaags virtueel evenement waarbij deelnemers een uniek kijkje krijgen in de wereld van Strategy Consultancy.

Team Fortress 2 training event 2/13/21

A competitive TF2 player will help you hone your skills!

Workout Bingo 2/9/21

The rules are simple: Play bingo with exercises instead of numbers! Of course there are prices to be won