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July 2021

End of year Gala 7/13/21

Have you had an academic year that deserves to be sent off with a bang? Us neither. That's why we thought we would send it off with some celebration to lighten the mood.

Military Weekend 7/9/21

Are you tired of having type 1 fun? Well this activity will provide a bit of type 2 fun for a change.

Flunkyball tournament 7/2/21

Flunkyball is a beer drinking game which requires accuracy, speed and good drinking skills.

June 2021

Embroidery 6/30/21

Channel your inner grandma and come embroider with us in the park!

GMA 6/29/21

The third GMA after the transfer GMA

FMF BBQ 6/11/21

The yearly BBQ must go on! Food included!

Catch-up session Quantum Physics 2 6/11/21

Get perturbed!

Candidate board announcement 6/9/21


Geoguessr tournament 6/7/21

Do you think you know the world? Not like this you don't.

Catch-up session Partial Differential Equations 6/7/21

Now also on-site