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March 2023

GMA 3/31/23

This is a unique opportunity to actively participate in the decision-making process and play a vital role in our association's growth and success. We cannot emphasize enough how important your attendance is to us.

Nail Painting 3/30/23

Come relax and paint your nails fun colors with us!

Motivational Letter Workshop 3/29/23

After this workshop you will master the basic tools to show your motivation well and clearly in your application.

Coffee Morning with VSI 3/28/23

Join us for a coffee hour with Professor Diederik and VSI!

PAD - Physics Alumni Day with Francken 3/27/23

Join talks given by alumni in (Applied) Physics, who pursued careers in both industry and academia.

Return of the Escalacie Borrel 3/24/23

Drink with our favorite bird after such a long, dry, time.

Self-analysis Workshop 3/24/23

NOTE: This event has been postponed

Board Games Evening 3/23/23

Be on board with games that surely won't leave you bored!

Board Interest High Tea 3/22/23

Join us for an exclusive opportunity to ask a board member about their board year experience!

LES - Kiselev 3/21/23

Newton's gravity force law: is the point mass approximation exact?