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June 2022

Day at Belsimpel 6/22/22

Get to know one of the biggest phone stores in the Netherlands with pizza and Boel!

Kandidate Board Announcement 6/17/22

Come to the Fust to find out who the next kandidate board is! Few drinks on us!

Inclucie bake-off 6/15/22

Bake your own treat, or just come and enjoy the picnic. Sign up link in the description --->

Gokarting with YER 6/14/22

Join us for quick rounds of gokarting and get to know YER along the track. Sign up in the description

GMA 6/10/22

A General Members Assembly where members get to discuss and decide on the course of the association.

Teqram excursion 6/7/22

An excursion to Teqram company in Zwolle!

Pride Kamerborrel 6/3/22

With the start of June, we celebrate the pride month! This is a perfect occasion for us to have few drinks in the room and get to better know each other.

Board Games Evening 6/1/22

Come play board games with us in the NB canteen on June 1st!

May 2022

FMF Gala 5/31/22

Join us in the long awaited FMF Gala! Sign up below:

Football Tournament 5/29/22

Join us in the annual football tournament organised by A-Team! Like to sign up in the description