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October 2022

LES: Tamás Görbe 10/5/22

An Elementary Proof of Kepler's Laws of Planetary Motion

T-GMA 10/4/22

its transferin' time baybee

September 2022

YER LinkedIn training 9/27/22

Do you want to learn how LinkedIn can help you increase and professionalize your visibility online? Then this is the activity for you! You will learn tricks and tips while eating a free pizza!

GMA 9/23/22

During this GMA, members get to discuss and decide on the course of the association. If there are any matters that you wish to see discussed on this occasion, please contact the board at board@fmf.nl. The agenda and the full documents of the GMA on the 23rd of September can be found below, as well as mijnfmf.nl.

Committee Market 9/19/22

Come see all the fun things you can do as part of the FMF!

Forseti Kamerborrel 9/16/22

The old board is back for one more set of drinks

Scavenger Hunt: Women in Math 9/14/22

Discover the history of women in mathematics and science in this fun scavenger hunt!

Inclucie Cupcake Decorating 9/13/22

Come express yourself through the medium of frosting and decorate some delicious cupcakes with us!

Plushieday 9/12/22

Many of us here at FMF have a favorite plushie or two (or three, or four...). On September 12th, feel free to bring your plushies along to the FMF room to show off your fluffy friends, meet everyone else's, and make Monday a little more cuddly!

1st Years' Boardgames 9/9/22

Come play some board games with us!