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January 2022

PION Jackbox Event 1/15/22

Come join us for some party games in these weeks of online studying! No sign ups required.

December 2021

FMF Top100 12/22/21

You already know you're gonna get rickrolled.

[CANCELLED] VSI Particle Accelerator Tour 12/20/21

Particles go brrrrr

Ice Skating 12/19/21

It giet oan... (NOTE: This event is NOT free!)

Christmas Brunch! 12/18/21

All I Want for Christmas is Food.

General Members Assembly 12/16/21

The Christmas GMA where we talk about all the FMF related things and decide on very important issues.

YER Training 12/9/21

Join this online training by YER about job interviews and finding an employer that fits you. There will be free pizza!

Stay at Home Kamerborrel 12/3/21

Come and join us at the stay-at-home kamerborrel where we drink together but separately.

November 2021

Educacie Talk - Marcos Guimaraes 11/24/21

So what's up with emergent phenomena in two-dimensions? Dr. Marcos Guimaraes is here to explain!

Origami Night 11/22/21

An analysis on many folds.