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May 2021

Ping Pong Tournament 5/17/21

Show your skills in the ping pong tournament!

Make-your-own Cocktail Borrel 5/18/21

Get alcohol, mix alcohol, drink alcohol

Civ 6 tournament 5/19/21

Demonstrate your strategic prowess through a Civ 6 speed-round against your fellow FMF members and win the title of Biggest Brain

Lecture Live@ASML and Mirrors in the ASML machine 5/20/21

If you wonder how ASML keeps innovating, or wonder about the theory behind their machines, this lecture is for you!

Chess Tournament 5/21/21

It's time for another chess tournament! Show us how much you learned since the previous tournament, or just join for a friendly match!

Atje Halve-Kratje (Half crate) event 5/22/21

A drinking game for THE alcoholics.

The picture of Dorian Grey 5/25/21

Finally FMF book club is happening!!

Aegon lecture: analytics and data science 5/27/21

This lecture will show that you can go far with your degree, even if you're from Friesland.