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Educacie Talk - Marcos Guimaraes

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November 24, 2021 5:00 PM
BB 5161.0105 and also online


The link to the lecture: https://p2gonew.serverspace.rug.nl/P2G/Player/Player.aspx?id=5161-0105

When we combine two systems, new phenomena can arise which are absent in the isolated parts. This is called emergence, and we encounter it in many places in nature, from the fractal patterns of snowflakes to the society of an ant colony. But what happens when we gain the power of designing emergent phenomena in nanostructured systems? In this talk I will present one of the lines of work of my research group – Opto-Spintronics of Nanostructures – and give an overview of some emergent phenomena in two-dimensional heterostructures, such as graphene and two-dimensional semiconductors. We will see how one can tune the electrical and optical properties of these systems to induce superconductivity, chirality, and enhance their interactions with light of specific energy and polarization. The plethora of emergent properties in two-dimensional heterostructures gives us access to many unexplored phenomena, allowing for new discoveries and applications.

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