Flunkyball Tournament

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May 29, 2023 2:00 PM


After a winter filled with mediocre weather, everyone seems to be in need for some good old fun. Worry no more, Escalacie and A-Team have got your back! Not only will your aiming skills be put to the test, but your speed of drinking as well. And for anyone not in the mood for alcohol, there is of course also alcohol free beer.

Flunkyball is basically a team drinking competition which involves some running around, but if you're not the atheltic type you can still be a valuable asset to the team! So sign up now with three of your friends (or sign up for yourself, we'll assign you to a team), and have a day filled with fun in the sun, cheers and beers, and of course a jolly good time.

Sign up  here. You can join without signing up, but that means it's not sure you will get into a team. And you can also come to just hang out! The exact meeting point will be here.