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Whatsapp Werewolves Lord of the Rings Theme

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March 1, 2021 12:00 AM


The game is played using whatsapp and progresses in real time (so a day in the game is a day in real life). Everyone gets assigned a role which determines what team they join. The bad guys need to kill the good guys and vice versa. The bad guys can kill someone each night, and the good guys try to kill the bad guys by voting to execute someone.

Although the game runs for several days (until either side has killed the other), it can be played passively, due to the accessibility of whatsapp and because you aren’t required to be active at all times, making it ideal to play even if you have a busy schedule.

Daily schedule of events: 9:00 A short story is published which contains information about what happened that night and who died. It is now day. Some roles can now use their day power. 20:00 The players vote on who they want to kill. The person with the most voted gets executed. After the results have been published, it is night. In the night the bad guys vote to kill someone, and some roles can use their night power

Players are free to talk to each other at any time using the group chats.

Follow this link to sign up: https://forms.gle/r7bcav5wzb2dQwPx7 The sign-ups close on the 27th of Febuary at 23:59, and the game starts on the 1st of Marsch. We have room for 30 players, so spread the word and invite your friend!