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Sunflower Competition

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May 4, 2021 6:00 PM


We all know that the best plant is the sunflower. Growing to majestic heights, this is a very impressive plant and the beautiful yellow flower brings a smile to every face. However, whether or not the flower reaches its full potential depends on your gardening skills!

Join us in this sunflower competition and show that you can grow the best sunflower. When you sign up, you will receive sunflower seeds at home. You can join us on Discord on the 4th of May, 18:00, for the official start of the competition. So, finish a pot of Nutella (or arrange a flower pot in some different way), steal some super mud from the neighbours' garden, and we will see you then.

Signup has closed but there are enough sunflower seeds left to join. Send an email to ateam@fmf.nl if you still want to compete!