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Order your books HERE

As a member of the FMF, you can order your books via the FMF with a discount. Via an online ordering system you can easily choose the books you'll need and pay. If you order within the announced period we can guarantee that your books will be delivered on time at your home.

Which books do we have?

As there are a lot of different minors, we only offer textbooks for the official Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy minors. We do not offer books for master courses unless the courses can be followed by bachelors as well.

If you need information about necessary textbooks, we recommend Ocasys. Ocasys is the official website about your courses of the university.

How do you order your books?

If you know which courses you will take and thus which books you need, you can go to the online ordering system. Choose your books and pay for them with iDeal or your credit card. Your books will be delivered at your home adress. If you are an international student and you do not have a Dutch adress yet, please contact education@fmf.nl.

For questions concerning the delivery or returns of books please contact klantenservice@boekenbestelling.nl. If there are any other questions, feel free to contact Tesse Tiemens, the commissioner of educational affairs, at education@fmf.nl.