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The Toetscie collects (Applied) Physics, Astronomy, (applied) Mathematics and Computing Science exams. You can download these below so you can practice for upcoming exams.

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You can also send in old exams and earn a book coupon worth €5,-! They can be turned in the Toetscie mailbox in the NSFW, or you can send an email to toetscie@fmf.nl.

You earn a coupon if you fulfill one of the following requirements:

  • By turning in 2 solution sets made by a professor or 2 self made solution sets graded at least an 8. Don't forget to turn in the questions too!
  • By turning in 5 exams without answers.

If you want to turn in something but don't meet the above requirements, don't worry because we will remember your contribution and distribute the coupons accordingly. Book coupons are only awarded if the solution set is not already on the website.