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The FMF is a community of passionate individuals who are committed to promoting mathematics and physics. We believe that our mission is best served when we work together to support each other. To that end, we have several support committees that work tirelessly to ensure that our members have the resources they need to succeed. We are proud to have such dedicated volunteers working with us, and we encourage everyone to consider getting involved with these committees to make a positive impact on our community.

  • Comcie

    All the computers and the servers need maintenance and attention from this committee.

  • Toetscie

    This committee is responsible for maintaining FMF's exam database.

  • Kascie

    This committee critically oversees the finances of the association and checks the work of the Treasurer.

  • Merchie

    The Merchie maker sure you can get all the FMF merchandise you need.

  • Perio

    The editors that form this committee publish a scientific magazine (Perio*diek) multiple times per year.

  • Promocorp

    This is the hardworking committee that makes sure we have authentic posters for each of our events!

  • Archie

    This committee makes sure that important, interesting and fun documents are archived properly.

  • Fotocie

    The photography committee takes pictures during activities. These are edited and put online for members as a reminder of the good times.