Honorary members

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Besides general members and donating members the FMF also has a category of honorary members. As is described in the constitutions honorary members are "those who have done exceptionally meritorious things for the association". Currently the FMF has two honorary members. The third honorary member of the association unfortunately passed away in 2008, but certainly deserves an honorable mention.

Hendrik de Waard ( † 2008)

Professor Hendrik de Waard was the first and oldest honorary member of the FMF. He contributed a large part of his life to science. Hendrik de Waard is deceased on August 11, 2008 at age 86. Every year a lecture is held by the Foundation Hendrik de Waard on a scientific topic in honor of his name and work.

Hans Jordens

Drs. Hans Jordens was a general board member of the FMF in the academic year 1967-1968. Hans Jordens is now retired, after his hard work at the University of Groningen. He still adheres working on the different physics competitions for high school and college students. Since June 22, 2004, he is an honorary member of the FMF.

Theo Jurriens

Drs. Theo Jurriens has been president of the FMF in 1983-1984. Now he holds the position of communications advisor at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. He is also active in the field of Astronomy and Astrophysics. Since November 1, 1994, he is an honorary member of the FMF.