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Below you will find more information about the affiliated foundations of FMF.

Foundation Hendrik de Waard

The Foundation Hendrik de Waard organizes annually one or more scientific lectures. By doing so, they inform the widest possible audience of new and interesting developments in science.

Hendrik de Waard was an honorary member of the FMF and professor at the University of Groningen. When he retired, Foundation Hendrik de Waard was established in his name.

Foundation Grote Buitenlandse Excursie

The Foundation GBE-FMF ensures the smooth course of the large foreign (GBE, excursion outside of Europe) and the small foreign excursion (KBE, excursion in Europe). They oversee the work of the GBE and KBE committee.

Foundation Bèta-bedrijvendagen

Foundation Bèta-bedrijvendagen (BBD) organizes annually the business days for science students. This is a multi-day event where companies can present themselves to students. The FMF contributes to this event with several other science study associations from Groningen.