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May 2023

HDW Lecture 5/23/23

Join us for an exciting and informative lecture on the future of energy: nuclear fusion! Professor Hendrik de Waard Foundation is proud to present a talk by an expert in the field, Josefine Proll, who will be discussing the latest developments in nuclear fusion research and its potential to revolutionize our energy production.

Inclucie Tie-Dye 5/22/23

Time for turning used clothes into cool funky ones!

Open Stage Night 5/19/23

Are you ready to showcase your talent and share it with the world? Then come join us for the Open Stage Night!

Witteveen+Bos Dinner Lecture 5/17/23

Making impact at an engineering company as a STEM-student - dinner included!

Dungeons and Dragons 5/15/23

PION brings us a DnD one shot! Open to both DnD experts and people who have never experienced it before - so come role some dice with us!

Kamerborrel 5/12/23

Just a completely normal, regular, ordinary, conventional and utterly standard kamerborrel. Nothing weird going on here...

Integration Competition 5/11/23

Are you a fan of integrating?

Drink and Derive 5/10/23

Looking for a fun and engaging way to brush up on your math skills while enjoying a cold beverage? Join us for Drink and Derive, the ultimate social event for math enthusiasts!

YER training session on Salary Negotiations 5/9/23

Looking to increase your earning potential? Join our YER training session on Salary Negotiations!

LaTex workshop Mathematics 5/8/23

Attention all math students! Are you tired of struggling with formatting and typesetting in your papers and thesis? Want to make your work look polished and professional? Then join us for our upcoming LaTex workshop!