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September 2021

High-Tech Pubquiz Innovatie Cluster Drachten 9/16/21

Join the High-Tech pubquiz from Innovatie Cluster Drachten with a prize for the winners!

Noorderplantsoen Borrel 9/15/21

A borrel? In these times? YES!

Rapid-Fire Study Experiences 9/10/21

*First Years Event* Want to get to know senior year students and get to hear stories and experiences about studying Physics or Maths at the university?

Board games evening-- Welcome First Years! 9/6/21

In person at last! If you are a first year student, come join us to play some amazing board games, meet some new people, and eat some snacks after your classes on Monday.

July 2021

End of year Gala 7/13/21

Have you had an academic year that deserves to be sent off with a bang? Us neither. That's why we thought we would send it off with some celebration to lighten the mood.

Military Weekend 7/9/21

Are you tired of having type 1 fun? Well this activity will provide a bit of type 2 fun for a change.

Flunkyball tournament 7/2/21

Flunkyball is a beer drinking game which requires accuracy, speed and good drinking skills.

June 2021

Embroidery 6/30/21

Channel your inner grandma and come embroider with us in the park!

GMA 6/29/21

The third GMA after the transfer GMA

FMF BBQ 6/11/21

The yearly BBQ must go on! Food included!