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March 2022

Da Vinci Derivatives Inhouse Day 3/2/22

It's time to see stonks, in person.

February 2022

Eldritch Bob Ross 2/25/22

Learn how to draw beautiful horrors from the deep

VSI Lab Tour 2/21/22

Particles go brrrr

7 Day Photo Challenge 2/21/22

Use this challenge to get some fresh air, go for a walk and take some great photos!

LES by M.Kluitenberg 2/17/22

Join the talk about strings, drums, cats, and eigenvalues.

Pokémon Showdown Tournament 2/10/22

Tired of beating up your friends in Minecraft? Why not try a civilized Pokémon battle instead? Join the OFFICIAL FMF Pokémon Showdown Tournament.

Werewolves: Pirate Edition 2/5/22

There be werewolves, savvy?

January 2022

PION Jackbox Event 1/15/22

Come join us for some party games in these weeks of online studying! No sign ups required.

December 2021

FMF Top100 12/22/21

You already know you're gonna get rickrolled.

[CANCELLED] VSI Particle Accelerator Tour 12/20/21

Particles go brrrrr