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April 2021

Online Excursion: MARIN 4/28/21

Flow along to the Maritime Research Institute Netherlands and take a look inside

Mathematics Pubquiz 4/26/21

A battle of wits!

[DUTCH] Procam training Pitchen 4/22/21

Ben je bijna klaar met studeren en ga je binnenkort solliciteren naar je eerste baan? Of wil je simpelweg weten hoe je een sterke eerste indruk maakt? Met onze workshop Pitchen krijg je hiervoor belangrijke handvatten aangeleerd.

LaTeX workshop 4/19/21

Learn the basics of LaTeX so you can make beautiful reports and presentations

Vegan week 4/19/21

Do you want to challenge yourself to eat (even) more healthy and sustainable? Join the FMF vegan week!

Homebound BBQ 4/17/21

Channel your inner grill man by whipping out a mini grill and some ingredients to grill with the lads from the comfort of your home! Signup through this google form https://forms.gle/x9QtZ5HFSxs82HRB6.

Escalacie DRINKING City Tour 4/16/21

Hardcore edition.

Belsimpel Smart Working training 4/13/21

Are you too all over the place when you're working? Join the Belsimpel Smart Working training! During the training you will learn all about how to prioritize your tasks and deal with many different stimuli, and find out how Belsimpel has been keeping its business efficient.

Catch-up session Geometry 4/1/21

Access it on the FMF Nestor page!

March 2021

Catch-up session RQM (On-site) 3/31/21

Come join the first on-site Catch-up session!