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October 2020

Catch-up session Statistics 10/22/20

Statistically very useful

Catch-up session Group theory 10/20/20

No groups over 30 inside tho ;)

FMF Movie Night 10/19/20

Lord of the Rings: the Two Towers

[Cancelled] A-team returns 10/16/20

Survival run with the A-Team!

Online Board Games Evening 10/15/20

Come join us for board games on the Pion server!

Catch-up session Metric and Topological spaces 10/15/20

By your favorite all-knowing Kluit

Lecture by Alef Sterk 10/14/20

Alef Sterk will give a brief lecture about connecting generalized Fibonacci numbers with extreme value statistics in a chaotic dynamical system.

Flunky ball 10/9/20

Come play some (corona proof!!) Flunky Ball with Escalacie!

FMF movienight 10/6/20

What better way to spend your Tuesday evening than watching a movie? By watching a movie with your FMF friends of course! Now completely corona proof!

[DUTCH] Pubquiz with Procam 10/1/20

Online pubquiz by Procam