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December 2020

Breakfast with Escalacie! 12/20/20

(liquid) Breakfast with Escalacie! Three key-note speakers will join us this morning for an educational and nutrious breakfast.

Christmas Dinner 12/17/20

Ha! You thought there wouldn't be one this year, didn't you? How silly of you.

[CANCELED]Make your own Christmas stocking 12/16/20

Due to current affairs, this activity has been canceled

GMA 12/15/20

The first GMA after the transfer GMA

Online Board Game Night 12/12/20

Come to the PION discord server for some online games on December 12!

LANcie Christmas GMOD activity 12/11/20

Christmas prop hunt and more!

Braucie Russian Roulette tasting competition event 12/10/20

Braucie is BACK!!

Bob Ross Event 12/9/20

Join A-team Bob Ross workshop!

Feesten met Francken 12/4/20

This year's edition of Feesten met Francken!

[PHYS] Crazy physics '88 12/3/20

Do crazy tasks together with staff!